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Welcome to Men Only Weight Loss

According to my latest labs, testosterone is up 98 points over eight months ago; 513 from 415, and the year prior was 363. Looking forward to another year of growing younger in 2015!!!  David K., Houston, TX


“I’m down almost 7″ and 16+ lbs in 29 days….my anxiety is nearly gone (and I was crippled by it). Thank you MOWL for helping change my life!”  – Bob H.

*Results may vary individual to individual

weight loss for men


Meet Keith Selin

Co-Founder of Men Only Weight Loss and

The First Client

Meet Keith Selin, Co-Founder of Men Only Weight Loss. At 52 years old,
Keith is in the best shape of his life, and he owes it to the program developed by
Men Only Weight Loss.


*Results may vary individual to individual


Meet Wendy Meyers

Founder of Men Only Weight Loss

BA, RN, Nurse Nutritionist

Ms. Meyers co-founded Men Only Weight Loss™
after seeing a lack of suitable weight loss programs geared
specifically for men and their unique weight loss and wellness needs.


*Results may vary individual to individual




Welcome to Men Only Weight Loss

The only weight loss program in the country based completely on men's unique weight loss needs and getting the best results for the least amount of pain, sacrifice, time, work, and suffering!

Men Only Weight Loss has been called “The best men’s weight loss program in Texas” and “The best on-line Weight Loss Company in the World.” Our unique approach to eating, exercising, coaching and motivating, is different than anything you’ve ever experienced and at Men Only Weight Loss, customer service isn’t a department – it’s the core of all we do!

Our aim is to make sure you are thrilled with our program. If you are not thoroughly satisfied with your weight loss results after you’ve finished our program, we will continue working with you at no charge, until you are happy! We are the ONLY weight loss company in the industry who is confident enough to provide this kind of guarantee!

There is absolutely NO RISK to you, so get started today.

*Results may vary individual to individual

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Men don’t eat like women

And they don’t gain weight like women. So most won’t be successful or motivated with traditional, female-oriented weight-loss programs.

Men don’t do rabbit food

Men don’t feel comfortable in “Kumbaya”-style group sessions telling others how they “feel” about their weight-loss and how they got fat in the first place.

Men are Men. They think like men. They tackle problems like men. They want to do the work and see results. No fuss, no muss. Get it done.

Weight Loss For Men

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*Results may vary individual to individual