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Liar! Liar!

The vast majority of our clients are (failed) ex-grads of Jenny, Weight Watchers, Medifast, Optifast, Quick Weight Loss, Nutrisytem…and the list goes ON AND ON.

The fact is, the majority of commercial diet programs make you light in the wallet, without making you lighter on the scale. That seems like a pretty poor trade to us!

Here’s a classic example as recounted by a 2012 new client:

“I spent FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS doing a liquid shake, weight loss program at a local, very well known hospital. It was fantastic at first, even though I was absolutely STARVING. For the first time in my life, I got into jeans I actually wore in high school. I was so thrilled about my 80 lb weight loss (in just 6 months!!)…that I forgot about the headaches, lethargy, dry mouth and loss of sex drive I experienced while on this diet. I ignored the physical misery, because I was so happy to finally be “thin.” So after this spectacular weight loss in only 6 months, GUESS WHAT? I gained…IT ALL BACK. But not just the original 80 lbs; an additional 20 lbs, for a glorious, grand total of 100 lbs!! I am ebarrassed to even admit this! So in one year’s time, I was out fifteen thousand bucks, and I put on an ADDITIONAL 20 lbs from where I started! Beyond the financial loss, frankly, it was emotionally devatating. I watched…as my friends and family also watched, my utter demise…and no one could say a thing. It was like a slow, free-fall that was excruciating for all of us to witness, mostly myself. I saw the disappointment in my wife, my parents, my friends. They felt bad for me, but not as bad as I felt for having been duped by yet another “miracle weight loss program.” It was literally the worst thing I have ever been through …. utterly, the most humiliating and unhealthy, miserable experience of my entire life.”

*M.B, Oil and Gas exec,  Houston 

We wish we could say this is an “exceptional case”…but sadly, it’s not. We hear variations of this very tragic weight loss (and gain) story, nearly every day.

The good news is, we can put an end to your commercial diet woes. We will talk to you about your situation, be TRUTHFUL about what kind of weight loss you can expect (and how you will keep it off), and we will happily give you the lowdown on why our program is the ONLY weight loss program in the marketplace that is poised to work for you as a lifestyle that is sustainable if you do what we teach you and apply what you learn for the rest of your life, all for a fraction of the price of many “fancy” commercial weight loss programs (that promise you much, but deliver little). Isn’t that the only thing you care about at the end of the day?

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