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Men Only Weight Loss Opens New Office in Dallas, TX

Dated: Oct 19, 2012

Men Only Weight Loss is the fastest growing, all-natural weight loss and wellness company in Texas. We are now expanding into the Dallas area, serving Plano, Richardson, Frisco and Los Colinas residents. Dallas, TX-Men Only Weight Loss, the fastest growing, all-natural weight loss and wellness company in Texas is further expanding it’s business into the Dallas area. Additional offices are located in San Antonio and Houston. Because of the strong demand for a holistic approach to weight loss and wellness, the company is well poised to dominate the weight loss  arketplace, where they lead all rival competitors in on-line reviews, long-term success rates and growing clientele.

Wendy Meyers, RN, CEO and founder of Men Only Weight Loss says, “We know the Dallas market is highly discerning in their requirements for weight loss. They are not looking for a “quick fix,” but rather, long-term weight loss and wellness solutions.” The Men Only Weight Loss program fits in very well with this highly educated and astute demographic. “Our customers know exactly what they want, and when theylearn about our holistic lifestyle approach, this immediately resonates with them. We tell our clients to say’goodbye’ to dieting for good.”

Men Only Weight Loss boasts a stunning 95% success rate and takes a holistic, integrative approach that focuses on an individual’s health, first and foremost, and subsequently, clients enjoy rapid, safe and long-term weight loss. Clients experience dramatically improved energy levels, improved sleep, better moods (they can dramatically reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression) and increased sex drives. The program also focuses attention on naturally balancing hormones. “Low-T” is a chronic problem in the United States because of our highly processed diets, also known as the Standard American Diet (SAD).

The Men Only Weight Loss program focuses on dramatically increasing testosterone levels without synthetic hormones which are costly and can have dangerous side effects. Men typically see results in a matter of weeks including increased sex drive, performance, reduction of breast tissue (“man boobs”), and belly fat. Clients experience average weight loss of 10-12 pounds per month.

Men Only Weight Loss offers free consultations via phone, Skype or in-person and prospective clients can schedule those on the Men Only Weight Loss company website, or by calling 1-800-483-5673. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company highly encourages individuals to research their reviews which can be found throughout the internet. The vast majority of reviews are 5-star and can be found on sites like City Search, YP, Merchant Circle and Google Places.

To read client testimonials, see “before and after” photos, and learn more about their program, interested parties can go to

There are programs for men, women, couples and teens. Discounts are provided for two or more people.

Women’s program details can be seen at

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