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Corporate Wellness Programs

Men Only Weight Loss is pleased to announce it’s Corporate Wellness initiative. We can provide our highly successful weight loss and wellness programs on-site for substantial per-person savings.

 Benefits include:

  • men only weight loss corporate wellnesslower absenteeism
  • increased worker productivity
  • dramatically reduced company insurance premiums
  • reduced workplace stress
  • increased worker’s overall quality-of-life
  • increased employee loyalty
  • lower employee turnover rates

Providing wellness and weight loss support to your staff is one of the sincerest and most effective ways to demonstrate your commitment to their long-term well-being, all the while lowering a company’ budgetary bottom line.

We are available to come to your organization on-site to provide these services. Our program will pay for itself many times over!

Corporate Wellness Programs available in Dallas and Houston (and surrounding areas).

*Results may vary individual to individual

Statistics show that in-house wellness programs are one of the highest valued benefits a company can provide to it’s workforce.



For more information about our Corporate Wellness Program, please call us at 1-800-483-5673 (1-800-LOSE-WEIGHT).