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Virtual Weight Loss Anywhere In the World

Are you looking for a personalized, but highly private weight loss experience? Don’t want to deal with the hassle of long commutes in traffic, group meetings or embarrassing public waiting rooms?

Then VIRTUAL weight loss is for you!

Our Virtual Clients are highly discerning, busy individuals who value their PRIVACY and their TIME. They want the same fantastic results, but need a minimal time investment.

We are very experienced with providing our program to “Virtual Clients” via easy web-based video conferencing and we’re pleased to say we still get the same great results. Over 50% of our clients never come into our physical offices. We currently support national clients and  even global clients overseas.

So no matter where you are in the world, or even if you’re local and you’d just like to take your appointments in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office as a matter of convenience, we’re happy to accommodate you.

We provide the same great nutrition and coaching program as our regular, in-office clients. You don’t have to be a technical guru or have special equipment to work with us long-distance; just access to a computer with a webcam. It’s easy!

“I’m a high-profile media guy in LA and I needed something convenient, and more importantly, PRIVATE. There was no way I was going to sit in an embarrassing waiting room at a weight loss center. Group meetings? Yah, right. And I tried a few on-line diet programs and felt absolutely LOST. I needed help. So I called these guys and I’m down two pant sizes in a month’s time. Incredible. I was spending 5 days a week at my fancy gym and getting nowhere. I LOVE my weight loss coach, Kathy. She’s amazing, sincere and she’s just the motivation I need to keep going. I’m not hungry and I know how to eat now. Not just at home, but eating out (which some days, can be three meals a day). MOWL is a God-send. Everyone would benefit from their wisdom.”

*Results may vary individual to individual

*”LA Newsguy” for a major TV network in Los Angeles

” I live in Dallas. I’m not technical (understatement). They walked me through the process of getting set up. It was very easy I’m surprised to say. That was over 5 months ago. I’ve lost 57 pounds on the program and my wife has lost over 40 pounds. We’re sold. Great program and a great company. I’m a rancher, and frankly, even if they were local, I wouldn’t have the time to come in and see them anyway. This has worked out perfect for us.”

*L.M. – Dallas, TX

*Results may vary individual to individual

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