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*Results may vary from individual to individual

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    *Sam & Erica B., 26, Houston

    *Lost 50 pounds in under 5 months

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    *T.H. - San Antonio

    Down 60 pounds in 5 months and still losing! *

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    *Justin M, Houston, TX

    60 pounds and still losing! *

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    *R.D., Texas

    Client R. D. Down TEN pant sizes (44 to a 34) and 75 lbs lost in one year *

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    *Sean R., Houston, TX

    20 pounds in 3 months but so much more than that! *

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Hi Keith,

Doing well …Experimenting: Adding in foods I usually don’t buy, e.g., Brussel sprouts fried in bacon grease with sea salt are wonderful. Tried various wines and spirits. Got my first set of comments on weight loss, which I found nicely reinforcing.  Now at 213.5, a nice 20 pounds less than when I started with MOWL and 25 down from my 238.5 when I started dieting in early November.  It is kind of fun having to be careful that the belt I put on has enough holes!

*Ted, Austin, TX

I spent 30 minutes going over the MOWL diet plan before I started and did not believe it would work. “Diet without calorie restriction and strenuous hours in the gym” was something a 3 decade dieter like me would love to hear, but believe??- No Way!! Well, I’m now a believer. Not only have I lost weight (30 lbs) but I’ve learned so much about nutrition and how to eat correctly from Wendy. I really appreciate how she patiently explains away all the false information about food that’s been put out by the AMA and US Gov’t. I eat regular foods, not packaged food, and eat til I’m full. No hunger and no spending hours in the gym, and I still get to enjoy my beer! What a delight working with her. Gary


*Results may vary from individual to individual

*Gary G.

Keith was fantastic in our meeting. He made me believe that with a little common sense and effort I can lose the weight. It came to mind that he has the real challenge by having to see all of us through a journey that he has been through himself. Sort of a never ending dream or nightmare. He could have taken his methods and secrets and just enjoyed them but he and Wendy chose to help others. That is the sign of good people. I can’t say I have tried everything to lose weight because I have not. I would buy things and take for one or two days and then quit and go to McDonalds. I really never cared about my weight really. I was always told by my mom that we were fat because we were from nobility and in the past only the kings and queens would get enough food to get fat. Sounded good to a child who was looking for a reason as to why the other kids made fun of them. Along the way I began to love myself for who I was inside and I have never been a super model inside. I have been myself and am proud of it to this day. I have a three year old granddaughter now and want to be around for her so I want to see if I can hedge my bets by losing the weight that surely cannot be good for me. I am ready for the adventure.


*Results may vary from individual to individual

*Phil S., Houston, TX

Off To A Great Start!!!

My wife and I started our journey Tuesday evening and after two days I can tell a difference! I’ve been an insulin dependent diabetic for several years. While eating the way the rest of America eats, my blood sugars ran from 180 to 240 or higher. Within the first 24 hours, my blood sugar never went above 150! After eating my meals, I was satisfied and I didn’t go into a food coma like I used to when eating a butt load of carbs! I’m sold! My wife was skeptical at first, but after Keith explained the lifestyle and offered much encouragement, she is all in! Thank you, Keith, for sharing your journey and for encouraging us as we begin ours!


*Results may vary from individual to individual

*Matt W, Houston, TX

“Hey Keith, I had to take up my gun belt a little more this morning! I am really excited about the changes that have occurred over the last month makes me wish that I wasn’t such a skin flint and started the program when I first found out about it! As I told you when we first talked I was really skeptical, NOT ANYMORE!”


*Results may vary from individual to individual

*L.J., Houston P.D

I’m absolutely sleeping like a baby and you know how stressed I was and how I wasn’t sleeping AT ALL before I started your program. I forgot to tell you the most important news. Yesterday I attended a local business meeting and had to dress up. Well, after a year and a half I can now fit comfortably into my size 42 dress pants. I felt pretty good and can’t wait to try on my size 40 dress pants!! Thanks!!!!

Thanks again for everything Wendy.  Your efforts (and Keith’s too of course) have a much more positive effect that can be seen during our half hour visits.  I’m so very thankful for both of you. *

T. L. *


Keith, I had to pass this on my jeans have been sagging like hell. I got on the scale again and somehow was at 246.8. Who would have thought that eating all of this bacon and butter would achieve these results?

If my calculations are correct that brings me to a total of 47.2 #s lost since March 20th  that’s only I week short of 4 months. I don’t mean to brag but damn I’m proud of myself. Thanks to you and Wendy.

Thanks again,



*Results may vary from individual to individual

*Matt R., Houston, TX

I read once that to change your life you had to change your lifestyle.
With your help I have done so much more than change my weight.. Living
your plan I have a new wardrobe, and a new outlook. I’m 58 and feel 18.
Saturday I am doing a “mud and guts” 5K. My energy is amazing, my waist is
amazing, and my sweetheart thinks I’m amazing. Thanks for your
coaching…it made all the difference.
Bring it on!! Pete


*Results may vary from individual to individual

*Pete F.

I am a couple days late on this but just wanted to shout out a big, “THANK YOU” to both of you.  Y’all have played an integral role in transforming my health, and that touches so many aspects of my life in such a special way that I feel like the words just really don’t express my gratitude.

Y’all have given my Wife a healthier and more energetic husband, my children are healthier, I am a more active and involved father, and many of my friends and colleagues have a “reason” to seek out better health for themselves.

It’s so cool to be at my age in life and not have the health concerns that I was faced with just one year ago!  I sleep better, I feel better, and my body is now free of all the harmful chemicals in the medications and foods I used to consume daily.

 “YOU TWO ROCK!”  Thanks for being my teachers, my coaches, my cheerleaders, and most importantly thanks for caring so much.  I know with each of you this is truly a passion to help…not just a business!

I give humble praise to God for putting y’all in my life…TRULY A BLESSING! *



*Justin M, Houston, TX

Just wanted to share with you. Finally weighed myself today. I told u we were doing 21 days of green to get back into good habits. Actually stretched it out to 24 but had some wine on the weekends. 170.2. It’s a lb and a half lighter than my lightest all last year and haven’t seen it since first half of 2005. I knew I was going to be lighter because I could see it. Also focused on 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Pretty much there except for the one trip to the bathroom which is kind of not an every night thing anymore. Even when the trip happens I’m able to fall right back to sleep now pretty consistently. I still can get leaner so am going to try and lose another three lbs by the end of March. I think I can get there with 2-4 day stretches of all green and/or cardio exercise. I’m trying to run 4 intermittent 1/4 miles on the treadmill at a fast clip separated by 1/8 mile trot to catch my breath right now. Once weather permits I’ll take the boys on weekend walks and do sprints. I love the way the fast running makes me feel–like a dog gets happy when he runs. I’m confident I’ll maintain my new weight effortlessly too.


*Results may vary from individual to individual

*David K., Houston, TX

Keith, After almost 4 years, I am at about the same weight level as I was when we last visited in your office, and continue to follow your guidelines.  I have a lot more room on my side of the closet now, having culled out a bunch of XL shirts and pants. You did wonderful things for me.  I’m grateful. – Dale S., Lafayette, LA

*Dale S, LA

I am very excited to let you all know that I have reached my final weight loss goal.  As of this morning – I have lost 40 pounds in 3 1/2 months by being incredibly focused with my eating plan (thanks, Wendy) and sticking to your exercise regimen (I now spend a fraction of the time in the gym that I used to).  That equates to me losing 23.8% of my body weight from the start of my program.  Also, my body fat is 13.4% – HALF of what it was when I started.   I have not been at this weight in at least 20 years! Unbelievable.”


*Results may vary from individual to individual

R.C., Skype Client - Los Angeles

…Anyway, as of today, one week shy of 5 months, I’m down 61 pounds and 25 inches. Incredible, isn’t it?!! My new bad isn’t the same as my old bad…ha, ha! Bill.

*Bill R. Houston, TX

Converted Skeptic!
My initial meeting with Keith went well. I had done a fair amount of research into weight loss and diets for men. It didn’t matter which, I didn’t get the result I was looking for. I found through my research that the medications I take are a significant factor when it comes to weight loss or the lack of. During my meeting with Keith he did in fact bring up information that relates to my situation that I just became aware of through my research, which made me more comfortable that this was going to be the real deal. At that point my skepticism started to diminish. Keith provided all of the information needed to succeed at the lifestyle change the program provides. Knowing that Keith is available when I need questions answered or providing the support to get through a speed bump reassures me that my success is eminent.
*Results may vary from individual to individual

*Tom P., Houston, TX

Keith, Thank you for your help over the last year. I lost approximately 60 lbs in the first 7 months and  I’ve successfully maintained my new lower weight for the last 6 months. My annual physical and blood work looked great and as a result, my doctor took me off cholesterol medication. In addition to feeling great and gaining back much welcomed flexibility and agility, my longstanding eczema has greatly improved and my chronic foot pain, has practically gone away. In short, the MOWL plan in conjunction with the personal consultations you provided as needed, along with the added personal accountability that comes with a partner, was the right formula for me. Thanks again for helping me losing weight in a very practical, safe and sustainable way. Kenny F., Houston, TX

Kenny F., Houston, TX

My MOWL Experience: I am 42 years old, 5’8”, teacher living in New York City.  Before joining MOWL, I was about 235lbs and not happy about my weight.  I was on a roller coaster ride with weight loss going from 235 – 250lbs.

A lot of my understanding from health came from health and fitness magazines and the Internet. I learned some things but I did not have a solid plan on how to improve my health.

I joined a gym and started to workout as much as I could but after two weeks, I was beat, tired, exhausted, and sore and in a lot pain.  The gym staff was not very helpful.  I tried more running but did not know how to pace myself or have the proper running attire to effectively run.  My feet were always aching and numb.

After about two years of this off and on, I came across the Men Only Weight Loss site where it talked about how to lose weight from a Men’s Perspective.  This attracted me since the sites I searched on seemed to be very general and did not specify if it was men or women.

Not sure, I called and, eventually, spoke to Keith who gave me an overview of my health.  He shared with me eating habits I never heard of from any site, so I was skeptical.  But I thought, I tried everything else, so what’s to lose.

I saw results after the first three weeks.  I was amazed.  I kept with it and after one year, I was down to 200lbs.   My health and energy was awesome.    I felt great!

Keith was phenomenal. He was always inspiring, supportive and very practical.  Days I went off the program or gained weight, he kept encouraging me.  During this time, I lost some family members, but Keith really knew how to give me space while still motivating me to stay the course.  His mentoring was really positive!

Thanks Keith!

Thanks MOWL!



*Results may vary from individual to individual

*Al J., NYC

Life-Changing!  KENS 5 Mojo reviews

“I went in for weight-loss but was told we were going to focus on ‘so much more.’ My health, wellness, nutrition, sleep, mood, everything. And on TOP OF THAT, the weight would come off too. I never expected to get so much out of a weight loss program. I lost 76 lbs. I’ve kept it off without a struggle. I know I will keep it off for the rest of my life, not like the “up 100, down 100” yo-yo dieting I’ve done my entire life. That’s over now. I have the tools to eat right for a lifetime. I have NEVER felt better in my entire life. I’m 52 and I feel 32. What a godsend. Saying I “Highly Recommend” feels like I’m short changing these wonderful people and their incredible program. Just call them and change your life like I did. I’m literally shouting their praises from the rooftops.”

*Results may vary from individual to individual

*KENS 5 TV Mojo Reviews

From Rob’s doctor after 4 months: “Your AST is down from 81 to 56 (normal <50), ALT from 104 to 80 (nl <60). Overall better, but still some liver inflammation.”

From MOWL’s Wendy:

This is HUGE. See below. My client Rob,  has fatty liver disease and has since he was very young (totally sugar related). Anyway, in just a few months, look at how drastically reduced his numbers are. It takes time and those numbers will get better. He is almost normal on his AST….both AST and ALT have really come down. Man, you have no idea how significant that is. I’ve never had liver enzymes come down that far, that fast. I’ve never had a client with enzymes that high, either. This was a very rewarding challenge…I KNEW we could get those numbers down!

*Rob B., Houston, TX

Keith, Wendy,
I wish you all the very best for the New Year.  I owe you two a whole bunch.  Things are good.  Thanks for everything, you all are great.Dal
*Results may vary from individual to individual

*Dale S., Houston, TX

Keith, thanks for the note and I was very glad to recommend MOWL.  He watched my transformation last year and was so impressed he wanted to give it a try too.  I coincidently had lunch with him today and it looks like he’s doing well. I met my goal of losing 60 lbs in mid-October and have been holding pretty steady since then by sticking largely to the yellow list and averaging 1 tablespoon of coconut oil per day along with still taking the same probiotic and vitamin supplements. Since we last communicated, I had annual physicals with both my general practitioner and my cardiologist and both of them were super impressed that I finally took off the weight.  Both thought I was at a good weight and didn’t think I needed to lose any more.  My blood work was perfect and they took me off the 10mg of Crestor I was taking although they want me to have my cholesterol checked again in 6 months. Thank you. Kenny

*Kenny F., Houston, TX

“If you are reading this and thinking about doing or planning on doing the Men Only Weight Loss program the best advice I can give anyone is to do it now. I watched a coworker of mine, with whom I engaged regularly, do MOWL and I kept putting off doing it as well because the “timing wasn’t right.” Finally, one day I called Keith, it was on, I watched fat fall off me and nearly three years later I continue to be at my leanest since my 20s, and probably leaner than some of those years too.

Once you get into it, looking in the mirror (and at the scale) it will amaze you that fat/weight is literally falling off of you right before your eyes, quickly. And, with what seems like no sacrifice whatsoever. The MOWL program will educate you on what to eat and why, and what not to eat and why; not just tell you what to eat. You will learn a way of living and eating that will provide you for a life (and for me, I feel a longer one) of healthiness. Your “diet” will be a noun and you will never need to “go on” another verb “diet” and watch your weight yo-yo ever again.

I know the education I received from Keith and Wendy has made me a healthier person. In addition to weight loss, other byproducts I’ve noticed for me have included more energy, better mental focus and calmness, better sleep, better moods, and little to no angst ever. I’ve also had my testosterone checked annually since I began the program and it is measurably up. My “traditional” markers such as triglycerides and glucose which had been historically high are all way down and at extremely healthy levels. I’m a much, much younger person today than I was three years ago and it is 100% because of Men Only Weight Loss.

Side effects include: getting to dig into your closet to find old clothes because your current ones are way too baggy now, trying to guess when you’re going to stop losing weight so you can get your clothes tailored, getting to give away clothes because you know you will never be that size ever again, getting to enjoy compliments from friends and family, knowing that canola oil got its name from “Canadian Oil Less Acid,” and being the smartest person at the dinner table.

If you are still reading my recommendation of Men Only Weight Loss I can tell you my only regret is that I did not call Wendy and Keith sooner. I know you will feel the same way once you reach out to them. If you would like to engage with me further on my MOWL experience please reach out to me on LinkedIn as I check it somewhat regularly and will get back to you. ” D.K.


*Results may vary from individual to individual

*David K., Houston, TX

Keith, two weeks and 15 pounds down! And I’m eating great food. Thank you for all you’ve taught me so far. I am looking forward to this sustainable lifestyle. Mike

*Mike D., Twin Falls, ID

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Those recipes just got me excited about cooking for Thanksgiving and excited to keep up the good work. Day 25….the rest of my life to go.

Thanks again….366…..down to 346.

*Craig G., Boise, Idaho

Keith, I “got” the the best Christmas present possible yesterday: I went through all the clothing in my closet and set aside everything that is now too big for me.  I was left with about 20% of my wardrobe!  (All my too-big-for-me clothing is being donated.)  I told my wife that we’ll be doing this same exercise one year from now and will likely get rid of the remaining 20%.  I have some clothing shopping to do over the coming weeks! 🙂 Happy holidays!

*Brent S., Buenos Aires

At an overall weight loss now of 55lbs, I have added about 20 lbs of lean muscle without increasing clothes size at all.  I have been with a trainer since December.  I now max out at 315 on bench press, can do at least 5 pull ups (of 245 lbs), leg press in excess 600#s, and can jog 1 mile under 9 minutes with a max heart rate of 112 bpm.  My workouts go for 1 hour intensely and I am ahead of the pack in our 5 person group!

*J.M. Houston, TX

Hi Wendy and Keith,

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season.  Wanted you to know that my weight is down to 213 (down 28 lbs since Oct).  I’m feeling better than ever.
Wish you and your family and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
*Results may vary from individual to individual

*B. H. – Houston, TX

You are such an encouragement to my wife and myself! I have dealt with this irritability and other symptoms for several years since being diagnosed with type two diabetes. I am ever so ready to be over and done with this insidious disease, and the hardest thing to accept at times is my willingness to feed myself exactly the wrong things which actually perpetuate it’s hold over my body and mood. I know that your commitment to educate me about nutrition will be the turning point that I will gratefully look back on many times during the rest of my much healthier life!
*Results may vary from individual to individual


*Dean – Houston

“I strongly recommend this program to anyone and everyone.”

“Wendy helped get my life back to normal. At 27 I was 260 pounds and hated looking at myself in the mirror. Within weeks Wendy educated my wife and I to make us mini-experts with nutrition and understanding real health. Watching my mom fail constantly with weight watchers, I wanted to try something different. Wendy was perfect. She answered any questions day or night and helped us feel empowered to get our life back. I no longer get indigestion from spicy food and have lost 50 pounds in under 5 months and my wife is looking good in a bikini! I have the swagger back from college and have embraced the clean eating lifestyle! Thanks WENDY!”

Sam B.

My experience with MOWL has been an incredible journey. I went into it a little skeptical and fed up with all other diet programs. I was hoping for something that would actually work. Within the first two weeks of beginning this program I was completely sold on it and 100% committed. Not only was my body changing on the outside, but I felt it transforming internally as well. I have more energy, sleep better, and feel better as a whole. The experience has been wonderful. It is not a diet, but rather a life style change. If you are committed and focused, I guarantee you will get the results that you want. Since my husband and I began this program in January 2012, I have lost 16 pounds and 14 inches! My husband has lost 50 pounds! The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. It is a great, straight forward and convenient way to get a healthier, better you. I had the pleasure of working with Wendy throughout this process. She was like my own personal cheerleader. From the very start she was friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and passionate about what she was doing. I am forever grateful to her for educating me on this lifestyle. I strongly recommend this program to anyone and everyone.

Have an open mind, be committed and you will see great results. I guess I found exactly what I was looking for. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. *

Erica B.

*Sam & Erica B., 26, Houston

“Spent the morning reading the articles you sent….  Each one offers amazing insight, clear thinking, calls out the real enemies for good health (with facts..), holds up the clear thinkers in the battle and even an apology from an insider! (the icing on the “cake” ) Just incredible the bill of goods the government, AMA, USDA, et al has sold this country.  Where’s the bandwagon.. I’m on it!”


*Results may vary from individual to individual

*Roger S., Houston, TX

“Sleep is so much better it’s not even funny!  I never slept through the night before coming to you.”


*Results may vary from individual to individual

*Danny S., Houston, TX